Daily Painting #15 - "Last One"

Last painting of the year for me. Like waves it's good to end your session with a nice one.

"Last One"
Oil on Panel
8x10 inches
€80 ($108)


Daily Paintin #13 - "Here it comes"

My 13th daily painting is about those unlucky moments in surf. Sometimes you're gonna get a big one on the head. That's just the way it works...

"Here it comes"
Oil on board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108)

Daily Paintin #11 - "A.I"

This is my 1 hour take on the wonderfull artwork used for the Billabong Pipemaster competition in Hawaii, in memory of Andy Irons. Rest in peace Andy.

Oil on board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108)


Daily Paintin #10 - Sunset Rights

 Some sights are just magic, like a arriving at your local break and welcome by a few stacking, empty rights in the sunset. Bliss.

"Rights" - 8x10 - Unframed - €80

Santa's new Sled

"Santa's New Sled" - I like to think he'd love it if he tried.
I'm considering another name for it so I'm opened to suggestions for a name. Fire away, you got till Christmas!

20x16 - Oil on Canvas - Unframed (thick painted edge) - €380

December Newsletter

For those who missed it, here's my December newsletter. Some of the paintings on it are sold already by now as it is normally sent at the beginning of the month. Make sure to join.

Barreling Left

Barreling Left  - 8x10 - Oil on Panel - €80

Baah !

This another view of the burren where I live. Send me suggestions for a name, winner gets a couple of my cards.

20x16 inches - Oil on Canvas - unframed (thick painted edges) - €380

Daily painting #7 - "A-Frame"

Nothing like looking back at an empty A frame in the sunset thinking to yourself... just one more. one more and I'm going.

8x10 - Oil on panel - unframed - €80

Daily Painting #6 - Lefts

I'm back in action. Flue and cold are gone & feeling much better now thank you very much!

"Lefts" - 8x10 - Oil on Panel

New video

I've been doing a lot of surf related art lately, so here's a small video of my non surf stuff just to remind the trad scene I haven't forgotten about them and will be doing more "trad art" soon ;)
I used a small track I played and recorded with my friend Ciara Brennan a few years back.

What to do when you're sick

Been sick for most of the week now. I haven't even had the will do paint anything. But I managed to sketch some of these to add to the B&W and Simple Gals collection. So all's not lost :)

Back in Black ... and white!

I'm doing a lot of house keeping on my art these days, meaning, sending purchased pieces, tidying & re-organizing the studio, getting supplies, sorting out my sketches, sending design ideas for licencees, sending info for press...
The result is I haven't had a painting finished in 4 days now, even though I have a few in progress. Don't panic, they're coming out soon :)
I however find the time to sketch a few new designs every now and then... just as well, because i love making them.
The simpler the better.

Auction for "Art Walk For Annie"

I am offering this painting for auction, without reserve. The sale of this painting will go as a donation towards the fund raising event "Artwalk for Annie", for Salnes who suffered a stroke on October 14th:

Thank you for your support.


Tucked in

Today's painting. I have thought about it for a while but haven't been able to think of a name for it. So contest is open, and best name gets a couple of cards. 

 10x14 inches - Oil on Canvas - €200 on www.olivierlonguet.com

[edit] - Name found: "Tucked in"


Tunnel of Light

It is always fascinating how some people make things look so simple and easy that are yet truly challenging and dangerous.
They seem thrive on it. Casually defying death, stealing his scythe and spitting in the eye of the devil with a defiant smirk.
Then, once they've decided they're done, they can simply brush the dust off their shoulder and carry on.

Yet for some of us, the envious act of witnessing it is a thrill. Fully aware that we would never dare attempting what they're doing. The prospect of the price to pay is too frightening. A fear to overcome, in the knowledge that even with matching skills, it take a special type of character to walk out of the tunnel of light.

"Tunnel of Light" - 10x14 - Oil on Canvas - €200

Closeout #2

This is part two of the Closeout diptych.Only once you have looked in both directions can you make an informed decision about the steps you're about to take...

Closeout #2 - Oil on Board - 10x8 - €80 ($108)


If you'd like to get both paintings, I am happy for offer them both for €120


Daily Painting - "Closeout part#1"

If you're only looking in one direction all the time, it may seem the road is wide open for you. Sometimes, when things look too easy and perfect, remember to look the other way too, otherwise you could get in more trouble than you asked for... ... more tomorrow ;)

Closeout Part#1 - 8x10 - Oil on board - €80 ($108)


Let it Slide

There's a point were things look beyond control. A point were nothing is aligned for you and chances of recovery are fading with every passing second.
You'll blame your misfortune on others, on the weather or on the wrong day, on every possible reason in the world. But, often, if you pause for a second an think about it, you'll find the reason is you.
You'll find out that you just need to let go first and not worry about what could happen. Throw yourself into it and let things flow. Let it slide!

"let is Slide" - Oil on Canvas - €200

Daily Painting #3 - Ocean's Eye

Third daily painting. I'm really enjoying doing these i must say. Short and sweet kind of thing.
I open to suggestions for name (check my facebook page) and I'll send a couple  of cards for the name I end up keeping

[edit] - Thanks to Any Béchade who offered the name "Ocean's Eye".

Ocean's Eye - 8x10 - Oil on Board - €80 ($108)

Daily painting #2 - Orange Peel

Second daily painting. I just started painting this one without even thinking about a name or story for it so i find myself at a loss for a name.
If anyone wants to give it a shot, I'll send you a couple of cards if i take the name.

[edit] - Caro Bussell proposed "Orange Peel" on facebook. I liked it, I keep it :D thanks!

Orange Peel - 8x10 inches - Oil on Board - €80

Daily Painting #1 - "Silver Sea"

I've finally decided to start doing daily paintings ... ie small 8x8 / 8x10 paintings on a daily basis. So here's number one.i decided to start with a series of waves to warm myself up to the concept of daily paintings.
Hope ye all enjoy it.!

Silver Sea - 10 x 8 inches - Oil on boards - €80  ($108)

Home sweet foam

We all know it as surfers, there's one true magic place when you're surfing and it's inside a wave: barrel, tubed, shaked, "inside the green room", "getting some shade", or whatever ridiculous expression we've invented to describe it.

This little space can often barely contain your whole body, water rushing into your eyes, every muscles tensed trying to hold on your board and limbs and you're forced into unlikely stances that would make a yoga teacher jealous.

Yet, for for the few [split] seconds this lasts, this little place becomes your house, your home, your shelter from everything the universe has to throw at you. For a split second it's the safest place in the world

"Home Sweet Foam" - 12x14 inches - Oil on Canvas

Hanging Two

This is the second "Sharing moments" painting I did.

There are many faces to surfing. Short boards, longboards, tow-in, small or big waves, aerialists,  barrel devils, even boogie boards and stand-up paddles... you name it. All with different skills required and moves, its own sub-culture and fashion...
There's seems to be, however, a consistent  understanding of skills across all disciplines. Regardless of what you're into, it seems surfers can always appreciate the moves and technique required and cheer you in when you pull a nice move.
It's all good

"Hanging Two" - Oil on Canvas - 20x16 inches - €380

Shared moments

Surfing is selfish !! And simply because it involves a close quarter dialogue between a moving body of water (yup, that's the wave) and yourself. The relationship can't be explained unless you've tried it and you'll often find yourself sounding like a fool trying to explain it to non surfers.
BUT, surfing is about sharing too. Sharing a wave sometimes, sharing those moments with friends or strangers and walking back home with the feeling you've helped someone feel a little bit better about the world.
And when you've shared enough, someone will share with you in return. They'll share their waves, they'll share their stoke and friendship. They'll share their good mood and hoot for you when you've pull a nice move...

... thanks Mick ;)

"Shared moments" - 20 x 16 oil on canvas - €380

SCOOP Art Gallery

A few month back I gave two painting to the SCOOP Foundation (Save Children out of poverty, they help build schools, community & education centers in 3rd world countries ) for a charity auction at the Ormond Wine bar in Dublin.
No questions asked, the caused seem just and genuine and I was just happy to help which ever way i could. The even went well and both painting sold well
Soon after this, the SCOOP contacted me for a follow up. The Ormond Wine bar had offered their space for exhibitions and they wanted to know if I'd be interested to exhibit with them on the first mixed show.
The opening is tomorrow -I unfortunately cannot attend but send me a mail if you've any questions, and I should have 8 paintings displayed there.
Go check it out if you're in Dublin.

It's a flute session

I remember a while back sitting at a session in a pub and realized we were all flute players. I would normally expect a session to be somehow balanced:
a fiddle or two, same amount of flutes, a box, couple of guitars/bouzouki and the local bodhran legend. But nah!! Pure flutes.
Turned out to be fun and fairly unassuming at the end at the end. It's all good!

20x16 - Oil on Canvas - €380 ($520 aprox)


Featured Artist on Skinit

Good news come in pair these days. Skinit just announced me as their featured artist for the month.
Check more on: http://www.skinit.com/landing_page.php?id=longuet_col


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