Mona Lisa was a surfer

Finished this just yesterday, although I must say I have had the idea in my head for it for about a year or so. I've also have been thinking of a new version of the last supper painting I did years ago ... maybe before the end of the winter if I get to it... 

Anyway, I haven't decided for a name for it and I thought it could be fun to let people decided so please send me your suggestions for a name if you feel like it.;)

This is my more "regular" oil on canvas work. Thick edge frame painted purple and is around 24x18 inches and price is set to €570

Also available as a print. Click here.

Mural practice - Acrylics on Wardrobe

I was asked to do a mural recently so I decided to practice a bit for it. Having never worked with acrylic paint on a larger scale (that is to say over 10inches by 10) I thought I'd grab a large piece of plywood and see what comes out.
I had this large wardrobe back in the shed that I was using as a table for my tools and thought it'd be perfect for it. Should I screw up I could always put it back in the shed.
Looks like it turned out much better than I thought.

It's 4 ft by 3ft and now sits nicely on the wall of the living room.

The style & techniques I used here are different from what I normally do and is inspired from Ashton Howard's fantastic work and not even close to his mastery of the brush.
Check out his website too:

For a Fistful of Sheep

I don't paint sheep often these days, so it feels like a real treat when I do. This came as a commission from France and funny enough the last one I did was about the same time last year... from France too.

Youtube rejected the first song (Littlest birds from the be good tanyas) . think this one from Lunasa ended up working just as good.

Oh and yes, I'm wearing a bathrobe in the first few mins ... when you gotta paint, you gotta paint !! :)

Collaboration with Skinit

They're out !! Skinit took 7 of my paintings for a collection of mobile phone, laptop skins.
Delighted with the way they came out & they were a pleasure to work with and made the whole process very simple and enjoyable.

For Mammy...

Just back from visiting my mother over in Biarritz. She fed me cakes and pies while doing it. Didn't have my brushes and paint with me but I think it came out ok.
This is another Ashton Howard study so I take no credit for this:

Interview for Longboard Dossen

Small interview for Longboard Dossen mag/blog. It's in French but i think there's some translation links (google links so don't expect anything too good)

Thanks to Ronan Guivarch for this interview

simple lines

Some more black and white stuff ...
I'm really having fun with these simple lines designs.


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