Mountain Blues

"Mountain Blues"

Inspired by a trip to Big Sur, california.
Thanks to Manfred Makauskas ‎for the idea for the name.

Oil on Canvas 
39x14in (99x35cm) - Unframed

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a break a bath and back...

Sorry all for the lack of update but I had to take a small [well deserved...] holiday break for a change. A break from painting and thinking about painting and dreaming about it ...
So I did just that. I cleaned my palet and folded the easel for a month. I was nice but I must admit I'm getting the urge again after a month.

Now this is not to say I did nothing either, I just can't stay iddle for too long, so I did a couple of jobs around the house and...emmm built a room. Yep that's right, we're talking blocks, cement, plumming electrics, roofing carpentry and tiling. I'd never done any of that before so it was a steep learning curve. It will host a ... jacuzzi... (yes). It was kindly given to me by a couple of friends who weren't using it and I had an old water collector tank to use for it as a base. i just needed to build up the walls and roof it (and electrics and ...) .Here's a pic:

I haven't pictures of what it looks like right now, but I'll try to take some this weekend.
The thing had been sitting idle for a while so the pumps heating were all rusted and damp, but a good friend got them working again...

It'll be a life saver after those long cold winter surf sessions, I can just see it.

Anyway, back to painting...



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