Daily Painting #15 - "Last One"

Last painting of the year for me. Like waves it's good to end your session with a nice one.

"Last One"
Oil on Panel
8x10 inches
€80 ($108)


Daily Paintin #13 - "Here it comes"

My 13th daily painting is about those unlucky moments in surf. Sometimes you're gonna get a big one on the head. That's just the way it works...

"Here it comes"
Oil on board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108)

Daily Paintin #11 - "A.I"

This is my 1 hour take on the wonderfull artwork used for the Billabong Pipemaster competition in Hawaii, in memory of Andy Irons. Rest in peace Andy.

Oil on board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108)


Daily Paintin #10 - Sunset Rights

 Some sights are just magic, like a arriving at your local break and welcome by a few stacking, empty rights in the sunset. Bliss.

"Rights" - 8x10 - Unframed - €80

Santa's new Sled

"Santa's New Sled" - I like to think he'd love it if he tried.
I'm considering another name for it so I'm opened to suggestions for a name. Fire away, you got till Christmas!

20x16 - Oil on Canvas - Unframed (thick painted edge) - €380

December Newsletter

For those who missed it, here's my December newsletter. Some of the paintings on it are sold already by now as it is normally sent at the beginning of the month. Make sure to join.

Barreling Left

Barreling Left  - 8x10 - Oil on Panel - €80

Baah !

This another view of the burren where I live. Send me suggestions for a name, winner gets a couple of my cards.

20x16 inches - Oil on Canvas - unframed (thick painted edges) - €380

Daily painting #7 - "A-Frame"

Nothing like looking back at an empty A frame in the sunset thinking to yourself... just one more. one more and I'm going.

8x10 - Oil on panel - unframed - €80

Daily Painting #6 - Lefts

I'm back in action. Flue and cold are gone & feeling much better now thank you very much!

"Lefts" - 8x10 - Oil on Panel

New video

I've been doing a lot of surf related art lately, so here's a small video of my non surf stuff just to remind the trad scene I haven't forgotten about them and will be doing more "trad art" soon ;)
I used a small track I played and recorded with my friend Ciara Brennan a few years back.

What to do when you're sick

Been sick for most of the week now. I haven't even had the will do paint anything. But I managed to sketch some of these to add to the B&W and Simple Gals collection. So all's not lost :)


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