All Finished

After a good amount of trial and error I'm finally happy with it. I suppose knowing what I was going for at the start would've helped, but there you go, sometimes you just don't know where you're going and it's best to just let it happen.

Remove the barrier in Fanore

Keeping 'em coming

Sky needs to be toned down abit, it looks a bit too "biblical for my taste". Also the foreground could do with a touch up, colors don't really match and there's no real sense of depth yet.

More progress...

Almost there... although I was a bit distracted by a 3 hours surf session last evening :)

A couple of things I'm working on.

I haven't made an update in ages. Some people have asked me if I'm even still painting :).

I've been keeping quiet on the painting side in order to concentrate on my house, but i still have a few commissions and a couple of additional pieces in the works.


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