Great to hear back from people after you've done a piece for them. funny enough it rarely happens ... feels great.

"Big up to Ollie who turned this old 5'11 into another piece of fine surf art! Well actually the board isn't THAT old,just never liked it! Much prefer it now...stoked!! :) Cheers Ollie"




I love that instant before a wave breaks, it becomes a translucent green, hiding it's energy until it collapes over itself...and you.

Oil on canvas  board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)


Brain Freeze


"Brain Freeze" 

Sometimes you need a little incentive not to mess up. Like icy cold morning water. Works wonders.

Oil on canvas  board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)


New Posters & Prints

I uploaded 10 new prints onto the Photo4Me and Imagekind websites.

Click one of the links bellow.

Apollo Gallery Sold out.

wow. just found out all my work sold out at the Dublin, Apollo Gallery. So chuffed !! need to start making more.
It was a real honor to be accepted in the first place, but to sell out ... I'm just plain amazed.
Check out the Apollo Gallery, Dublin.


Mind The Step

"Mind the Step" 

Oil on canvas  board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108)

Second Board for Aloha Surf School

Another surfboard painting for the Aloha Surf School. Funny thing is when i was looking for a soundtrack for the video I got a nasty, and unsolicited, email from an "art expert" telling me how cheap my work looks and how I get all my values wrong, that it's not how I should paint things, how flawed my technique is ... etc. So this song felt just appropriate :)

On a different note, a lot of people are asking me about how much i charge for a board. Surfboard painting start at €130 for a board up to 6ft or bellow.

There's then an additional €2 per additional inch in length, here's a rough guide per foot:

* 6ft or bellow : €130
* 7ft : €154
* 8ft : €178
* 9ft : €202
* 10ft : €224

Daily Painting - "D.S.A"

Unashamedly inspired by Ronan Guivarch's fantastic poster for the coming D.S.A exhibition in St Pol de Léon in France.

Oil on Canvas
10x14 inches (25x35 cm)

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