just finished

This one's is going on sunday to the exhibition in Dublin at the Ormond wine bar.
... need to find a name for it, any suggestions ?

Painting a board time lapse

This is an old board i had. A small single fin fish (oh yeah). Top coated so it can be waxed and surfed. she's already been back in the water since.

New series : Simple Gals

It started pretty simply. A couple of lines on a notepad. The idea grew and I did more of them. Simple lines for simple ideas. No macho surfing, no testosterone filled lineups. Just a couple of rad gals having fun.
It's all good.

Simple lines

I love simplicity, and simple things are sometime the nicest ones. Simple lines and drawings appeal to everyone as you let your imagination fill the blanks and adapt the image to your experience.

Another small vid.

I'm really having fun making these at the moment. plenty more coming soon
Some more painting done this week to bring with me to lachinch this weekend.
all 3 oils on canvas

'nuther one done.

She's coming with me at the Lahinch Longboard comp this weekend for display if anyone wants to have a look at it.

Painting Islands

Time lapse video of me painting over an old first draft I didn't like. Not sure what I was going for at the time but it evolved by itself into an some sort of volcanic Island. funny.

Simple peacefull ones

Doesn't all have to be about mad sessions or awesome waves now does it ?


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