Drop knee

Finished this one a while back. I even posted a small video of the "making-of" but i just realized I never posted the finished product online.
It's 8x16ish ... or close enough-ish

Quick study

Another quick post before I sign off for 2 weeks tomorrow.
Trying to work out the underwater effects...
It's been all surf related stuff this past month, but I still do a lot of these, commissions mostly although I'm re-building a small stock for galleries.

More videos...

I'm having great fun putting these together so why stop, right ?

A day to remember

A while back I made a small logo for a friend a board shapper, Paul smith of Glide Surfboards. In exchange Paul was kind enough to also offer to shape a surfboard with him at his place.

It was a fantastic experience, Paul is the most patient teacher I've met, breaks everything down it simple steps and is always ready to guide your hand back in the right direction. He shows you how to use the tools, and how not to use them, and would typically show me the steps on one side of the board, leaving me the other side to do ... It's amazing even just to watch. I recommend the experience at least once.

While I was there, Paul had board shapper and glasser, Zeph Carrigg staying with him. for those who don't know him, he's one of the best (if not the best) board shapper and glasser in california, and possibly the world: www.boarddesign.net

I must say having Paul and Zeph watch you while you're butchering your way through a surfboard blank blank is the most intimidating thing.

Jokes were exchanged all they about my inclination for swapping paintings for just about anything (boards, instruments, tools, women) ... till it wasn't a joke anymore and Zeph and I decided to trade art, so Zeph would glass my new made board in exchange for a painting

So Paul and Zeph, thank you, it's a day I definitely wont forget.

One for Kerry

Had a great weekend in Kerry about a year ago and always though I should do a few paintings of kerry's waves...


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