Sheep Mentality

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I finally have a bit more time to work on my other project : the Sheep Mentality Comic strip.
I started on this last year but only had about 14 drawn and people have been wondering if I was going to make more.
Truth is I just haven't had the time to work on them but I've been writing them for the past year as ideas came to me. I've a good 30 written and about as much at the idea stage now and I finally have time to draw them so  I'm making more.
It looks like it's still will be published in the Surfer's Path magazine too so all's good on the Sheep Mentality front.
Go check it out at and make sure to like the Facebook page

New table

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I've been looking for a nice large rustic table an never been able to find what I wanted -at least not at a reasonable price. So I thought I'd have a go.
I found some old scafolding planks that weren't good enough for construction anymore and joinded them together with some old 2x4 planks.

After a lot of planning sanding and sanding I had a nice table.
I stained the 2x4 with some dark woodstain to get a nice effect and varnished the lot.

Voila! a nice new table

Here's a small video :


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