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Olivier Longuet was born in France in 1975, spending half of his childhood between St-Malo in Brittany and the town Angouleme in the Charentes area. He moved to Ireland in 1998 and has now set up his workshop in Kinvara Co.Galway. Essentially, self taught, he was however initiated to drawing and painting at a young age by his Grand Father. Since then, Olivier has worked on a wide variety of mediums such as watercolors, markers, pastels, oils and acrylics, knives and now does most of his work using oil on canvas.

Olivier's very distinctive style has, over the past few years, attracted a solid following and collector base. Along with regular exhibitions, collectors include musicians surfers and actors such a Brendan Gleeson, musicians Sean Tyrrell and Gaving Whelan, Artist Jim McKee, surfboard maker Zeph Carrigg ... Olivier has been featured in magazines and newspapers in Ireland, France and the UK and his work is also being collected in various businesses across Ireland and Europe.

Past exhibitions include various shows at the Angouleme International
Comics Festival in France, The Kenny Gallery in Galway, Apollo Gallery in Dublin, The Duke Street Gallery,The Russell Gallery, The Joan Clancy Gallery in Waterford, Ennis Art Gallery, Grand opera house Belfast ...

Art to make you smile
Art is fun to do and should be fun to watch! Olivier's current work grew out of the desire to use simple shapes to represent the complex stances of human body in action, directly reflecting his love for the French tradition of comics strips and cartoons -France, and even more so, Angouleme is most famous for its International Comics Festival.
A keen musician and surfer, Olivier is constantly taking inspiration from these areas, directly painting what he enjoys most.


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