Home sweet foam

We all know it as surfers, there's one true magic place when you're surfing and it's inside a wave: barrel, tubed, shaked, "inside the green room", "getting some shade", or whatever ridiculous expression we've invented to describe it.

This little space can often barely contain your whole body, water rushing into your eyes, every muscles tensed trying to hold on your board and limbs and you're forced into unlikely stances that would make a yoga teacher jealous.

Yet, for for the few [split] seconds this lasts, this little place becomes your house, your home, your shelter from everything the universe has to throw at you. For a split second it's the safest place in the world

"Home Sweet Foam" - 12x14 inches - Oil on Canvas


  1. A completely wonderful concept!! Love it!!

  2. Oliver, your work makes me smile indeed!!

  3. I'm glad to have found your blog. I love your style!

  4. Your artwork is very joyful and uplifting. And I really like the design of this painting.

    Thank you for leaving a kinds comment on my blog.

  5. Very nice and a nice description. Your art is uplifting and joyful. Thanks for stopping by.



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