Tonnta Cover

One of my paintings made the cover of Tonnta surf magazine this winter. I'm delighted about it and The issue comes with a 6 pages interview and... ... a surprise.

New Emerald Surfwear tees

Emerald Surfwear just released their new collection. One of their new tees is part collaboration we've had for the past year now and features one of my artwork. I'm delighted with the way they came out and I want to say a bit thanks to Alan of Emerald Surfwear for his great appreciation for the emergent Irish surf art and his support to artists.

Check out the Emerald Surfwear Website

Surf Tribe's Eco wax


Check out Derek from Wave tribe introducing their Eco Surf Wax.
I collaborated with wave tribe and made the packaging for the four different types of wax, using my own artwork.
Big thanks wavetribe and thanks derek for the mention in the video ;)

Check out their US website : and their European one :

Surfboard painting for Emerald Surfwear

Alan of Emerald Surfwear, looking please with a board painting I did for them. The board itself is on display at the Emerald Surfwear shop in Galway.

Nice Rack !!


I made a few boards before but I never had a proper rack for it. Since I needed one immediately to start glassing a board I'd just shapped, but didn't have access to proper 2x4 pieces of wood to make it, I decided to improvise with what I had. Here's a small shaping rack I made from old pallet wood.

Flip it over and there is my glassing stand. happy.

aaaand more frames

Well, it seems my frame attracted some attention. The folks from Emerald Surfwear (who also use some of my art for their clothing line) asked me to do a couple of sturdy looking driftwood frames for some of their display tee shirts for their shop in Limerick. Check it out

More Frames


Finished this frame for one of my paintings. I think it really works well with it. The painting is currently on display at the Mello Cafe in Bundoran

Daily Painting - Green Wall

If you've been in the sea when waves are coming in then i'm sure you'll appreciate the personal feel of this painting. It's that split second, that last vision of an unbroken wall of water coming at you while you're grinning from ear to ear. At that moment, very little matters ; worries are washed away and as the wave passes over you, you find yourself still smilling ... and smilling is what life is about.

Green Wall

Oil on canvas  board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108) - unframed ( see Driftwood frames available )

Sunset Barrell

"Sunset barrell #2" 

A little throwback to my other style of painting. They seem to go fast these days or be taken by the galleries. Not that I'm complaining, of course.

Oil on thick edge canvas
10x14 inches (25x35cm)
€200 ($276)

Daily Painting - Somewere in...

"Somewhere in..." 

Oil on canvas  board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108) - unframed ( see Driftwood frames available )

Driftwood Frames


Here's a list of driftwood frames I've been making. They fit all my 8x10 thin edge daily paintings.
All are different and unique and once one is gone I will not be making another similar one.

Note: The frames don't come with the painting on the photo ...  prices are just for the frames

Fits all  my 8x10 thin canvas.
€35 ($48)


Fits all  my 8x10 thin canvas.
€25 ($34)

Fits all  my 8x10 thin canvas.
€25 ($34)

Fits all  my 8x10 thin canvas.
€25 ($34)

Drift wood, recycling and other diy frames

I've been collecting drift wood and recycling bits here and there and been making small frames with it for the 8x10 painting.
More to come ... each are unique to what I have on hand at the time.

I can change the frames around with each paintings  they will fit all my small 8x10 inches.
I sell these for and extra €30 to the price of any of my small 8x10 painting.

email me to know which frames are available. In time I will have a page with all avalaible frames.


New Project : Sheep Mentality

Hi all, here's my new project.
I decided to add to my list of projects a small weekly comic strip called: Sheep Mentality

Sheep Mentality is about surfing and... sheep.
No really, it is...

To be precise it's about the sheep in all of us surfers. No matter how independent we think we are, there's something fundamentaly herd-like about us.

Hoope you like it


Daily Painting - Cold, Big, Angry

" Cold, Big, Angry" 

Oil on canvas  board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108)


Daily Painting - Too Deep #2

"Too Deep #2" 

Oil on canvas  board
8x10 inches (20x25cm)
€80 ($108)


24 x 12 in (61 x30 cm)
oil on canvas board - unframed
€370 ($524)

Daily Painting - Fireworks


14 x 10 in (25 x 35 cm)
oil on canvas.
€200  ($278)

R n' F R

"R n' F R"
 16x10 oil on thick edge canvas.

 Not for Sale (or not unless you insist really really bad... )

Had to be done ! It's been in my head for a while now :)

Daily Painting -Summer Waves #4

Summer Waves #4

Winter's back here... mind you summer never really happened either. Anyway, I'm once again attracted to warm shades of green and blue and I feel a little better and warmer just painting these.

Size: 8 x 26
Oil on Canvas
€270  ($ 371)


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