Back in Black ... and white!

I'm doing a lot of house keeping on my art these days, meaning, sending purchased pieces, tidying & re-organizing the studio, getting supplies, sorting out my sketches, sending design ideas for licencees, sending info for press...
The result is I haven't had a painting finished in 4 days now, even though I have a few in progress. Don't panic, they're coming out soon :)
I however find the time to sketch a few new designs every now and then... just as well, because i love making them.
The simpler the better.


  1. I find myself getting crabby if I can't find time to paint.. or at least draw.. almost like going through withdrawl :) Look forward to seeing your new stuff!

  2. I look forward to seeing your new stuff also. It's bound to be amazing as you will have a clear head with no distractions since you will be all organized! Love your blog- thanks for visiting mine.



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