Hanging Two

This is the second "Sharing moments" painting I did.

There are many faces to surfing. Short boards, longboards, tow-in, small or big waves, aerialists,  barrel devils, even boogie boards and stand-up paddles... you name it. All with different skills required and moves, its own sub-culture and fashion...
There's seems to be, however, a consistent  understanding of skills across all disciplines. Regardless of what you're into, it seems surfers can always appreciate the moves and technique required and cheer you in when you pull a nice move.
It's all good

"Hanging Two" - Oil on Canvas - 20x16 inches - €380


  1. Ce deuxième très complémentaire est tout aussi adorable... bises

  2. Hey Ollie
    you guys surf in Ireland? Man thats gotta be some cold water. I visited the west coast a few years back - Cliffs of Mohr, Ring of Kerry, Kinsale. Nice country. I gotta go back. Keep up the good work, it's awesome.

  3. thanks. yes am in Ireland. winters can get pretty cold in the water alright :) love your work too.

  4. love your little weeble wooble surfers. sweet.



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