Mural practice - Acrylics on Wardrobe

I was asked to do a mural recently so I decided to practice a bit for it. Having never worked with acrylic paint on a larger scale (that is to say over 10inches by 10) I thought I'd grab a large piece of plywood and see what comes out.
I had this large wardrobe back in the shed that I was using as a table for my tools and thought it'd be perfect for it. Should I screw up I could always put it back in the shed.
Looks like it turned out much better than I thought.

It's 4 ft by 3ft and now sits nicely on the wall of the living room.

The style & techniques I used here are different from what I normally do and is inspired from Ashton Howard's fantastic work and not even close to his mastery of the brush.
Check out his website too:

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