Mona Lisa was a surfer

Finished this just yesterday, although I must say I have had the idea in my head for it for about a year or so. I've also have been thinking of a new version of the last supper painting I did years ago ... maybe before the end of the winter if I get to it... 

Anyway, I haven't decided for a name for it and I thought it could be fun to let people decided so please send me your suggestions for a name if you feel like it.;)

This is my more "regular" oil on canvas work. Thick edge frame painted purple and is around 24x18 inches and price is set to €570

Also available as a print. Click here.


  1. Such a distinct style! I was reminded of my trip just this weekend with all the surfers in El Nido! I also got to surf in Baler for the first time! Happy paintsurfing! :)



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