20x20 - Pixels on iPad


So while I was preparing myself to go to India for 3 weeks I realized I would most likely experience serious painting withdrawal symptoms, you know, with not being able to paint anything for 3 weeks and what not. So I decided to treat myself at the airport and got myself an ipad. I instantly loaded it with various art apps.
While I find them all amazing and interesting, one in particular has kept me busy: Artrage.
I pretty much feels like using actual oils or acrylics and there's a blending system that, once tweaked properly allows to blend the colors exactly like I would on a canvas. Here's the results I came up with so far... can't wait to see what I can do with a bit more experience.

The resolution is 2048x 2048 which, for a digital painting makes it good enough to be printed on paper or canvas since there are no colour interferences. Check it out :

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