Second Board for Aloha Surf School

Another surfboard painting for the Aloha Surf School. Funny thing is when i was looking for a soundtrack for the video I got a nasty, and unsolicited, email from an "art expert" telling me how cheap my work looks and how I get all my values wrong, that it's not how I should paint things, how flawed my technique is ... etc. So this song felt just appropriate :)

On a different note, a lot of people are asking me about how much i charge for a board. Surfboard painting start at €130 for a board up to 6ft or bellow.

There's then an additional €2 per additional inch in length, here's a rough guide per foot:

* 6ft or bellow : €130
* 7ft : €154
* 8ft : €178
* 9ft : €202
* 10ft : €224


  1. Your values are fine. People can be very ignorant. Looks like you are doing well! I also paint water and I can tell you know your water!

  2. hey. thanks a lot for the comment terry.



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