European Fish-Fry 2009

Finally, I finished this painting this week. This will be the poster for the upcoming European Fish-Fry festival that will take place in Lahinch (Ireland) this coming September 09. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out as well, I used inspiration for the central surfer from a previous painting I'd done a couple of years ago and I wanted to add small bits of what makes the Fish-Fry such a distinctive event, so I came up with that "film strip" idea on top of it, with what I'd only describe as "standard Irish surfer moments" :).

Here's a small strip of the whole process. I first come up with a small sketch on paper which I then straight away convert into a marker drawing directly on the frame.
As you can see one of the boxes at the bottom was eventually removed as I thought it cluttered the painting too much and would anyway disappear under the text once the poster is done.
The last image is a massive reducton in colors in order to get t-shirts printed for the event.

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